RT Week Webinars and Journal Clubs

Monday, October 24th, 12:00 PM EDT

JOURNAL CLUB: Efficacy of a self-management plan in exacerbations for patients with advanced COPD

Presenter: Ashley Kitteringham, RRT CRE
Area of practice: Chronic care
Duration: 1 hour


  • Review the impact of group and individual training sessions on exacerbation rates of people with severe/very severe COPD
  • Discuss limitations of the study under review
  • Discuss how study findings can be applied to one’s clinical practice

Sánchez-Nieto J.M., Andújar-Espinosa, R., Bernabeu-Mora, R., Hu, C., Gálvez-Martínez, B., Carrillo-Alcaraz, A., Álvarez-Miranda, C.F., Meca-Birlanga, O., Abad-Corpa, E. (2016). Efficacy of a self-management plan in exacerbations for patients with advanced COPD. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2016; 11: 1939–1947. doi: 10.2147/COPD.S104728.

Link to article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4994798/ (Article is open access.)

Monday, October 24th, 3:00 EDT

Webinar: Using HFJV to Avoid Hurting the Patient You Are Trying to Save

Presenter: Evan Richards, Bunnell
Area of practice: Critical care
Duration: 1 hour


  1. Discuss the mechanisms of lung injury
  2. Describes the impact of HFV and CMV on developing lungs
  3. Discuss the impact of clinical trials on patient application of HFV

Tuesday, October 25th, 12:00 PM EDT

WEBINAR: Procedural Sedation and Capnography in the Specialty Suites

Presenter: Erin McLaughlin RRT, Medtronic
Area of practice: Anesthesia and General Practice
Duration: 1 hour


This presentation will review:

  1. How to safely monitor a patient’s ventilatory status during procedural sedation
  2. Why capnography is the best option for assessing Ventilation
    3. How to interpret capnography waveforms best use ETCO2 values

Tuesday, October 25th, 3:00 PM EDT

WEBINAR: Using Leadership Skills Outside Respiratory Therapy

Presenter: Ray Hubble MEd RRT FCSRT
Area of practice: Leadership
Duration: 1 hour


  1. To discuss the transfer of attitudes, skills and knowledge to leadership roles outside of allied healthcare.
  2. To review the challenges of real or perceived barriers to career growth and advancement in fields other than respiratory therapy
  3. To explore the merits of respiratory therapists as leaders outside of their core business units

Thursday, October 27, 12:00 EDT

WEBINAIRE (PRÉSENTATION FRANCAISE): L’EtCO2 en sédation procédurale, un outil facile et sécuritaire’

Presenter : Annie Bélanger, Spécialiste clinique, Medtronic
Milieu de pratique: Anesthésie et soins généraux
Durée: 1 heure

Objectifs de la présentation

  1. Révision de la physiologie respiratoire et de la capnographie
  2. Mise à jour des lignes directrices en sédation procédurale
  3. Interprétation des courbes et valeurs de capnographie pour optimiser la sécurité des patients

Thursday, October 27, 3:00 PM EDT

WEBINAR: What’s Hot in OSA

Presenter: Dr. Mark Rasmus, Sleepedu.org
Area of practice: Diagnostics, General Practice
Duration: 1 hour


  1. Develop a better understanding about the relationship between OSA and cancer.
  2. Develop a better understanding about perioperative management of OSA.
  3. Explain the relationship between CPAP use and weight gain/loss.
  4. Understand the relationship between CPAP use and sexual/athletic performance.
  5. Review some mechanisms relating between cannabis use and sleep.
  6. Review several alternative therapies for OSA.

Friday, October 28, 12:00 EDT

WEBINAR: Dealing with Death (Presentation for students)

Presenter: Sam DaCosta RRT
Duration: 1 hour


  1. To increase students’ awareness of what it is like to have a patient die
  2. To acquire knowledge to better prepare students for the death of a patient
  3. To identify the different ways in which patients can die, and explain how each can bring forth different feelings