2016 National Competency Framework

The 2016 National Competency Framework (NCF) which includes Part I and Part II, were approved by the Board of Directors/Council of each provincial regulatory body, the CSRT Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies (NARTRB).  Part I of the 2016 NCF outlines the national standards of competencies required for entry-to-practice and therefore required for credentialing / licensing. Part I of the 2016 NCF also includes the evaluation criteria required for accreditation purposes.

Part II of the 2016 NCF provides guidelines for the Respiratory Therapy Profession as they move forward in their career path.

Please note that Range statements within the 2016 NCF are provided as clarification and outlines examples of the circumstances that an element of competency is intended to cover. Please note that Range statements are not meant to cover ALL elements of a competency that should be included. More specifically, Range statements provide a clarification of the wording used in the competency statement and its performance criteria as well as the context in which the competency takes place. Due to jurisdictional differences in scope of practice, for some competencies (e.g. C5, C10) the range identifies which competencies RTs in one jurisdiction may perform, while RTs in other jurisdictions are limited to assisting other members of the health care team with a particular competency.