Blueprint for the Profession


As the profession of respiratory therapy in Canada and the CSRT celebrates 50 years of existence, the nature of the roles and responsibilities of the practicing respiratory therapist continues to evolve. The challenges and opportunities practitioners across Canada face today are significantly different than they were a half century ago. In order to maintain the highest levels of patient care the profession will continue its evolution in response to multiple pressures, including: funding models, patient needs, new technology and demographic change.

The purpose of the Blueprint is to provide a framework in which future policy directions for the profession can be developed such that they remain aligned with the health needs of the Canadian population. This document will serve as a valuable resource for CSRT and its collaborators when considering the future strategic directions of the profession.

The Blueprint consists of a series of nine foundational pillars. The pillars are broad statements which are bolstered by supporting statements; these refer to more specific drivers or actions that support the realization of the above principles. The Blueprint is titled on a fundamental principle: “Respiratory therapy: dedicated to optimal cardio-respiratory health and wellness”