Categories of Accreditation

The following categories of accreditation will be awarded by the Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education (CoARTE):

  1. Accreditation
    Accreditation is accorded to an existing program when the accreditation review process verifies that the program is in conformity with the requirements of accreditation.
  2. Accreditation with Progress Report
    Accreditation with Progress Report is accorded when programs are required to submit one or more progress reports to address recommendations in the Program Review Report. Progress Reports must be submitted with the next annual report or sooner at the discretion of council.Accreditation with Progress Report may be deemed necessary at other times by council to ensure continuing conformity with the requirements of accreditation.Satisfactory reporting that demonstrates conformity will progress to the Accreditation category.
    Failure to submit a satisfactory Progress Report that demonstrates conformity is grounds for Probationary Accreditation.
  3. *Provisional Accreditation (formerly called “New Program Accreditation”)
    Provisional Accreditation is accorded to programs that do not have CoARTE accreditation status but are working towards Accreditation. These programs must subscribe to CoARTE requirements and must update the council on their progress through annual reports until a site visit has occurred. For new programs, a site visit must occur prior to the first graduating class.* The policy, procedure and fees for provisional accreditation are currently under review. For more information on this status, please contact
  4. Probationary Accreditation
    Probationary Accreditation is accorded to a program after the accreditation visit when deficiencies are so serious that the capability of the program to provide acceptable education is threatened. The program must address the identified deficiencies within one year. Failure to address the deficiencies in a sufficient manner may result in a follow-up visit at the expense of the program.Alternatively, Probationary Accreditation is accorded when a program fails to submit a Self-study Report, Progress Report, or Annual Report of Current Status as required by council.Finally, Probationary Accreditation is accorded when a program fails to pay accreditation fees within a reasonable time as determined by council.
  5. Accreditation Withdrawn
    The council will withdraw a program’s Probationary Accreditation if the program has failed to correct deficiencies within a reasonable time. Once accreditation is withdrawn, a program must reapply for Provisional Accreditationto re-enter CoARTE’s accreditation process.