Continuing Education Credits

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This page outlines the education and professional development content accepted by the CSRT for education credits.

Continuing education / professional development activities
(1 hour = 1 credit)

  • Attend lecture
  • Conferences (Forums)
  • Workshops
  • Recognized courses and certifications (E.g. ACLS, PALS, NRP, CRE, CAE)
  • Webinars

Workplace activities
(1 hour = 1 credit)

  • Employer Continuing Education Events
  • Grand Rounds/CME
  • In-Service presentations
  • Development/Revision of Policies and Procedures

Professional volunteer activities
(4 hours = 1 credit)

  • Volunteer on CSRT committees and workgroups
  • Volunteer at provincial association or regulatory body
  • Volunteer at CBRC exam activities
  • Volunteer at CoARTE activities
  • Promotion of the profession
  • Other RT related committee involvement

Reflective activities
(1 hour = 1 credit)

  • Reading professional journals and directed reading articles
  • Completing profession-related surveys

Advanced continuing education /professional development activities
(1 hour = 2 credits)

  • Involvement in clinical or basic science research
  • Presentation at provincial or national conference
  • Publication of article in peer-reviewed journal
  • Journal Club
  • Completing a university and/or college course in a health care topic

(8 hours = 1 credit)

  • Preceptorship hours are defined as contact hours spent in the clinical setting with students, and/or other health disciplines.

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