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March 2, 2016

New MIS Standards for Respiratory Services

Correction to Webinar information on CIHI MIS reporting standards for respiratory services

The CIHI has received queries following the MIS Standards and Respiratory Services webinar and realized that there was a change required to the statement about the bulk oxygen charges; specifically that they should be assigned to Plant Operations.   The speaker should have described the entire account name as “4 66 24- Bulk Oxygen Service Charge” rather than “bulk oxygen”. The 4 66 24 account is rolled up under 4 66 Supplies- Medical Gases therefore at the present time it should be expensed out to the consuming functional centres similarly to the other 4 66 ** supplies. We consider the materiality of these costs to be fairly low.   In future the 4 66 24  account may be revisited and reassessed since the actual cost of storing the oxygen is at issue, rather the consumable oxygen itself. That discussion is for another day.  CIHI apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.


Arlene Thiessen
Senior Analyst, Standards
Financial Standards and Information (FSI)
Health Spending & Strategic Initiatives
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

About ArleneThiessen

Arlene Thiessen is a senior analyst with CIHI’s Financial Standards and Information team and has participated in 3 MIS Standards publications thus far. In addition to supporting the implementation of the 2016 MIS Standards in Canada this year, Arlene has strong knowledge of the clinical laboratory, medical imaging, respiratory services and new perfusion services sections of the MIS Standards. Arlene also has 20-years of acute care nursing experience, worked as a medical-legal analyst and has been with CIHI for the past 6 ½ years.

Webinar Documents

    March 16, 2016

    The New MIS Standards Reporting for Respiratory Services: A Primer for Respiratory Therapists

    Webinar Documents


    Flora Brushett
    Workload Measurement Manager,
    Eastern Health, Newfoundland

    About Flora Brushett

    As Workload Measurement manager with Eastern Health, Flora Brushett is accountable for the regional administration, planning, development, implementation, auditing, monitoring, maintenance, evaluation and utilization of MIS Compliant Workload Measurement Systems and related statistics for all clinical Allied Health, Nursing and support staff. She provides decision support for workload data and the interpretation of that information for resource management and financial utilization throughout the region. Her thirty years’ experience as a nurse and in management allows her to understand the profession of respiratory therapy and use this information to support the implementation of the MIS Standards for Respiratory Services.