Renew Your Membership

You can now renew your membership and professional liability insurance, as well as pay your provincial dues for the April 1 2018-March 31 2019 membership year.

You can renew online, by filling out a membership form and submitting it or simply by calling us! 1-800-267-3422, ext. 0.

Need your membership and/or professional liability insurance active immediately? Call us!

If you have any questions, please contact the CSRT office at 1-800-267-3422.

Renew your membership for the April 1 2018-March 31 2019 Membership Year:

  • Membership form
  • Online - Renewals for the April 1 2018-March 31 2019 membership year only (If you want to pay on the MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN, you cannot renew online)

Automatic Renewal Option - NEW PROCESS

Save time and choose to have your membership renewed every year!

By selecting to have your membership auto renewed, you are authorizing the CSRT to renew all items you have currently selected this year to be renewed in the FOLLOWING membership year.

Auto renewals will be begin to be processed in December to accommodate members who also renew dues paid to regulatory bodies.

If your credit card on file is declined or expired, we will send you an email to inform you that your credit card did not go through.

Once processed, CSRT membership, professional liability insurance fees, provincial license and association dues are non-refundable.

You must fill out and return the Automatic Membership Renewal Authorization Form to moc.t1529329420rsc@p1529329420ihsre1529329420bmem1529329420 or fax to 613-521-4314.