Student Membership

For a one-time payment of $100 students will be a CSRT Student Member during their education program. This includes:

  • The membership is valid from when the student first joins the CSRT until March 31st of the year following their graduation from an approved respiratory therapy program
  • Receive a certificate of registry and pin upon the successful completion of the CBRC national certification examination
  • Subscription to the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy (CJRT)
  • Professional liability insurance coverage is afforded to Students during their clinical year while working under the direct supervision of a respiratory therapist, who is a CSRT member covered by professional liability insurance.

There are two ways you can join:

Did You Know?

Professional liability insurance (PLI) for new graduates: PLI coverage is available for new graduates who are CSRT members and are eligible for restricted licenses in their province, and have started working prior to passing the national exam. An unsuccessful attempt at the National Certification Exam or failure to complete the exam within 12 months of graduation will mean the Professional Liability Insurance will expire at the end of the CSRT insurance policy term and the new graduate will be ineligible for PLI until successfully passing the National Certification Exam.

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