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Supports for Research

Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy Research Toolkit

Interested in how to better understand scientific manuscripts or keep up-to-date with research in your field? Looking for tips and tools to approach your first research project? This toolkit provides a variety of research-related resources for RTs in all roles at all levels

CSRT webinar: “Getting Published”

This webinar describes the difference between knowledge dissemination and knowledge translation, outlines the importance of publishing as a means of building our own body of RT-related knowledge, compares and contrasts publishing formats, includes tips on preparing your manuscript, and will help you understand the steps of the publication process. (Member login required.)
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Links to CSRT publications

Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy (CJRT)

The official journal of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists, the CJRT is a peer-reviewed, open access, PubMed-indexed journal. This journal also provides opportunities for respiratory therapists to participate as peer reviewers.

CSRT Position Statements

The CSRT is pleased to provide a range of evidence-informed position statements
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CSRT Research

As a champion of evidence-informed practice, the CSRT actively supports research that contributes to the care provided to individuals, families and communities across Canada. The CSRT is proud to partner with researchers across Canada on the following research projects:
Understanding and managing the effects of COVID-19 restricted visitation policies

  • Principal investigator(s): Dr. Kirsten Fiest and a pan-Canadian team of researchers
  • Sponsoring institution(s): University of Calgary through a Canadian Institutes of Health Research COVID-19 Operating Grant
  • Funding:$300 000 CIHR research grant
  • Purpose of the study: To understand healthcare professionals’ experiences with COVID-19 restricted visitation policies and their perception of the approaches to mitigate these impacts on families and healthcare providers of critically ill patients, and strategies to address barriers to implementation.
  • Who Can Participate: Members of the ICU care team, patients or families who experienced restricted visitation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Participants’ Role: (e.g. participate in a survey or interview): Participate in a 30-minute semi-structured interview via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • Deadline: August 31, 2020
  • For more information or to participate: (link to study site or investigators’ contact info): Karla Krewulak (kkrewula@ucalgary.ca)
Developing a Framework to Explore the Value Added by Respiratory Therapists to Healthcare in Alberta


  • Researcher(s): Roberta Dubois, Rena Sorenson, Tracey Tolenko, Andrew West, Bryan Buell
  • Sponsoring institution(s): Alberta Health Services, Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists, College of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta
  • Purpose of the study: There is an emerging need for knowledge that can inform practice in the profession of respiratory therapy. Not only would this knowledge serve to inform practice trends, there also exists a political imperative to have access related data to meet the needs of healthcare administrators, governments, and funding bodies. This ongoing initiative is aims to examine the value of the RT profession in the Canadian health care system.
  • For more information : Contact csrt@csrt.com
Creating a Living Knowledge Translation Agenda to Improve the Delivery of Evidence-based Care in Adult Critical Care Medicine

  • Researcher(s): Dr. Daniel Nivens, and an interprofessional team of national experts
  • Sponsoring institution(s): University of Calgary
  • Funding: CIHR grant for $394,000
  • Purpose of the study: This initiative aims to leverage provincial and national critical care infrastructure to establish a living, evidence-based, data-driven, stakeholder-created KT agenda that will be used by the Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network to transform clinical care in Alberta ICUs, and be scaled by our national partners for spread and contextualization to other ICUs throughout Canada.
  • For more information : Contact csrt@csrt.com
CSRT Systematic and Integrative Review Initiative (SIRI)

SIRI is a CSRT course where learners complete a practice informing systematic review that answers an important clinical question. SIRI incorporates a 13-week fully online course in systematic and integrative review with practical experience in completing a review. Learners benefit from the support of an experienced mentor. The first SIRI cohort are in the process of writing their systematic reviews. Stay tuned for their final product!
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Opportunities to Participate in Research / Possibilités de collaborer aux recherches

The CSRT is pleased to provide this repository of opportunities for respiratory therapists to participate in research being conducted by reputable institutions and organizations outside of the CSRT. Each opportunity has been reviewed by the CSRT to ensure it is relevant to respiratory therapy, has received appropriate REB approval and that all relevant information and disclosures are provided to participants.

Interested in having a research opportunity posted here? E-mail csrt@csrt.com

La SCTR est heureuse d'offrir ce répertoire d'occasions pour les thérapeutes respiratoires de participer à des recherches menées par des institutions et des organisations réputées à l'extérieur de la SCTR. Chaque possibilité a été examinée par la SCTR pour s'assurer qu'elle est pertinente à la thérapie respiratoire, qu'elle a reçu l'approbation appropriée du comité d'éthique de la recherche et que toutes les informations et divulgations pertinentes sont fournies aux participants.

Vous voulez afficher une opportunité de recherche sur cette page? Messagerie électronique  csrt@csrt.com


Survey of current practices in Canada of bag mask ventilation in patients with facial hair

Principle investigator:  Bridgette Cocquyt, SRT

Sponsoring institutions: Fanshawe College

Purposes of the study: This study seeks to evaluate difficult bag mask ventilation of patients with facial hair; to learn more about the techniques used amongst student, graduate and Registered Respiratory Therapists Certified Clinical Anesthesia Assistants in Canada

Who can participate: Respiratory therapists, respiratory therapy students, Certified Clinical Anesthesia Assistants of 18 years or older, working in Canada, who understand French or English

Participants’ role: Complete a short online survey (5-10 minutes)

Deadline to participate: April 30, 2023

Link for more information or to participatehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9BKS6MJ

Enquête sur les pratiques actuelles au Canada en matière de ventilation par ballon-masque chez les patient présentant des poils sur le visage

Chercheur principal: Bridgette Cocquyt, SRT

Institutions parrainant la recherche: Collège Fanshawe

But de l’étude: Cette étude évalue la ventilation difficile à l'aide d'un ballon-masque avec des patients présentant des poils faciaux, pour apprendre davantage sur les techniques utilisées par les étudiants, les diplômés et les thérapeutes respiratoires autorisés ainsi que par les assistants anesthésistes certifiés au Canada

Qui peut participer: étudiants(es), diplômés(es), thérapeute respiratoire autorisés(es) ou  assistants(es) anesthésiste clinique certifié(e) au Canada de l’âge de 18 ans ou plus qui comprend l'anglais et/ou le français

Rôle des participants : Departiciper à un sondage en ligne évaluant la ventilation difficile à l'aide d'un ballon-masque avec des patients présentant des poils faciaux

Date limite de participation: le 30 avril 2023

Pour plus d’informations ou pour participer : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NZCW5HQ

Integrating Respiratory Therapy in Primary Care (IRTiPC): Respiratory Therapist in Primary Care setting: Mixed-method Pilot Research

Principle investigator:  Dr. Louise Chartrand

Sponsoring institutions: University of Manitoba, WRHA, and Shared Health/College of Rehabilitation Sciences- Respiratory Therapy

Purposes of the study: To study the effectiveness of adding RTs to chronic care management teams in a clinical setting and the impact of Covid-19 on the health of these RTs.

Who can participate: Respiratory Therapists working in primary care settings Patients who have seen an RT (diagnosed with chronic lung disease and/or mild COPD or Asthma)

Participants’ role: Attend a one-hour interview session with investigators of the project

Link for more information or to participatertresearch@umanitoba.ca

COVID-Related Stressors among Respiratory Therapists in Ontario

Principle investigators: Dr. Basem Gohar

Sponsoring institutions: University of Guelph

Purposes of the study: To understand better the stressors experienced by RTs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, their impact on care delivery, and lessons learned that can be used to inform how we better support RTs’ well-being and capacity to provide quality care.

Who can participate: Respiratory therapists who worked in their role before and during the pandemic in Ontario

Participants’ role: to participate in a virtual focus group or interview

Deadline to participate: ongoing

Link for more information or to participate: Please e-mail fserrano@uoguelph.ca

As a token of appreciation, participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Note: Click on image for more info

Assessing the Patient, Provider and Policy Impacts of a Positive Airway Pressure Device Recall for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation

**This study is also recruiting patients affected by the recall and requests RTs’ assistance in this respect.

  • Principal investigator: Tetyana Kendzerska, MD PhD; Najib Ayas, MD, PhD; Sachin R Pendharkar, MD, MSc
  • Sponsoring institutions: University of Calgary, University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Purpose of the study: The purposes of this study are to:
    1. Understand the health impacts associated with the use of PAP devices affected by the recall
    2. Explore how the device recall impacts users, healthcare providers and sleep medicine health services
    3. Develop strategies to help with future device recalls
  • Who Can Participate: respiratory therapists, patients, sleep physicians/respirologists, primary care physicians, CPAP vendors, and policymakers affected by the recall
  • Participants’ Role: to participate in a 30-minute interview. Participants are eligible for a modest reimbursement
  • Deadline to participate: ongoing
  • For more information or to participate: email sleepresearch@ucalgary.ca, or phone (403) 220-5838
Évaluation des répercussions sur le patient, le fournisseur et la politique d'un rappel d'appareil à pression positive pour l'apnée obstructive du sommeil : une évaluation à méthodes mixtes

**Cette étude recrute également des patients touchés par le rappel et demande l'aide des thérapeutes respiratoires à cet égard.

  • Chercheurs principaux: Tetyana Kendzerska, MD PhD; Najib Ayas, MD, PhD; Sachin R Pendharkar, MD, MSc
  • Institutions parrainant la recherche: l’Université de Calgary l’Université d’Ottawa, L’Hôpital d’Ottawa Institut de recherche
  • But de l’étude: L'objectif de cette étude est de mieux comprendre comment ce rappel a affecté les personnes souffrant de troubles respiratoires du sommeil et les prestataires de soins, et le système de la santé, et comment les rappels peuvent être mieux gérés à l'avenir.
  • Qui peut participer: thérapeutes respiratoires, patients, médecins du sommeil/pneumologues, médecins de soins primaires, fournisseurs de CPAP et décideurs concernés par le rappel
  • Date limite de participation: En cours
  • Pour plus d’informations ou pour participer : sleepresearch@ucalgary.ca, ou (403) 220-5838


COVID-related Burnout
  • Principal investigator: Morgan Newton, Masters Degree candidate, UT Health San Antonio Respiratory Care Program; Co-Investigator Ruben Restrepo, Full Professor with Tenure at UT Health San Antonio.
  • Sponsoring institutions: University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio (AKA UT Health San Antonio).
  • Purpose of the study: This survey seeks to determine to what extent healthcare workers were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and discover better ways to evaluate the mental health of healthcare workers affected by a pandemic.
  • Who Can Participate: Any healthcare workers that have provided care to patients with SARS-CoV-2. This includes but is not limited to respiratory therapists, respiratory therapy students, physicians, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, kinesiologists, fellows, interns, and healthcare students).
  • Participants’ Role: Participants will complete an anonymous short survey (approximately 5 minutes).
  • Deadline to participate: Ongoing
  • For more information or to participate: https://forms.gle/PkQ43zjMNNv7az2q8
  • Morgan Newton newtonm1@livemail.uthscsa.edu
  • Ruben Restrepo restrepor@uthscsa.edu
  • Visit: http://www.tibdn.ca/covid-19/ccs202
    If you have any questions about the study, please email the study office at covid.study@sinaihealth.ca or call the office at 416-294-6383 (during business hours)


Incivility in the Operating Room
  • Principal investigators: Dr Julien Raft, MD Pr Hervé Bouaziz, MD, PhD Pr Philippe Richebé MD, PhD
  • Sponsoring institutions: Société Française d’Anesthésie Réanimation, Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society
  • Purpose of the study: Incivility is defined as a breach of the rules of behavior in society. Incivility can be present even in an environment where caring is a priority. To date, there is no formal evaluation of the impact of this phenomenon in the operating room. This is an international survey supported by the Société Française d'Anesthésie Réanimation (SFAR) and having had an agreement for distribution by the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS). This survey will take stock of the impact of incivility in the operating room. Whether you are a victim or not, a witness or not, your participation is important. Who Can Participate: This survey is intended for all professionals of anesthesia (MD, resident, nurse, respiratory therapist) working in an operating room.
  • Participants’ Role: Complete Anonymous Survey
  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • For more information: Email j.raft@nancy.unicancer.fr
  • To participate: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeviSIdJ0wU6MGzBR8oO_J9CWS36uIbgdGsvFHJxrVmz1RsiQ/viewform


Les incivilités au bloc opératoire
  • Chercheurs principaux: Dr Julien Raft, MD; Pr Hervé Bouaziz, MD, PhD; Pr Philippe Richebé MD, PhD
  • Institutions parrainant la recherche:Société Française d’Anesthésie Réanimation, Société canadienne des anesthésiologistes
  • But de l'étude: Une incivilité est définie comme un manquement aux règles du comportement en société. Les incivilités peuvent être présentes même dans un milieu où soigner est une priorité. Il n’existe à ce jour pas d’évaluation formalisée concernant le retentissement de ce phénomène au bloc opératoire. Il s'agit d'une enquête internationale soutenue par la Société Française d'Anesthésie Réanimation (SFAR) et ayant eu un accord pour diffusion par la Société Canadienne des Anesthésiologistes (CAS). Cette enquête va réaliser l’état des lieux du retentissement des incivilités au bloc opératoire. Que vous aillez été victime ou non, témoin ou non, votre participation est importante.
  • Qui peut participer:Ce questionnaire s’adresse à l’ensemble des acteurs de l’anesthésie (médecin, interne, infirmière, inhalothérapeute, élève) travaillant au bloc opératoire.
  • Date limite de participation: En cours
  • Pour plus d'informationsj.raft@nancy.unicancer.fr
  • Pour participer: https://forms.gle/jErA7a87QYiZf88f8


A Novel Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum Development for Canada’s Respiratory Therapists
  • Principal investigators: Drs. Allison McGeer & Brenda Coleman (Sinai Health & University of Toronto)
  • Sponsoring institutions: COVID-19 Immunity Task Force. The study has been approved by the REB at all participating hospitals.
  • Purpose of the study: The goals of this study are to identify risk and protective factors for infection; to assess whether some hospital staff are at higher risk than others (e.g., respiratory therapists); to estimate the incidence of symptomatic and asymptomatic infection; to determine immune responses over time by assessing antibody levels in blood; to describe the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines; and to describe the psychological impact of working in healthcare during the pandemic
  • Who Can Participate: Respiratory therapists, physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives, physicians’ assistants, nurses, receptionists, or other healthcare workers working in participating hospitals in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Halifax or in private medical practices/clinics in the greater Toronto area. They need to be 18-75 years of age, have convenient access to computer or phone with internet access, and plan to be working for at least the next 3 months
  • Participants’ Role: Participants will complete an online questionnaire when they join the study and questionnaires every week and when they are ill or tested for COVID-19. Also, self-collect blood samples at various points over the year-long study. Roles vary slightly depending on the site (Toronto vs other cities and hospital vs private clinic). Check out the website for details.
  • Deadline: Ongoing.
  • Visit: http://www.tibdn.ca/covid-19/ccs202
    If you have any questions about the study, please email the study office at covid.study@sinaihealth.ca or call the office at 416-294-6383 (during business hours)