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CSRT Industry Education webinar: Draeger Virtuo: Enhancing healthcare training through virtual reality.

April 24, 2024 @ 3:00 p.m. EDT

Are you curious about how Virtual Reality could fit in the future of Respiratory Therapy Education?

Education is a crucial aspect of healthcare and ensuring that learners are well-equipped to handle various situations and challenges is paramount. With ever-growing entry-to-practice scope, Educators are faced with the challenge of building a curriculum that covers didactic requirements while maintaining enough time for hands-on learning. As technology evolves, so do methods of training, and virtual reality (VR) stands out as a game changer. In this webinar we’ll discuss how VR has the potential to revolutionize the way we train healthcare professionals. Draeger’s newest innovation: Draeger Virtuo, was developed in Canada with ongoing collaboration with top local and international Hospitals to bring the highest clinical relevance. Join us and discover how Draeger Virtuo can help your students achieve their learning goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and discuss challenges in healthcare education and training.
  • Discuss innovations and improvements in VR technology and the benefits of virtual reality for healthcare learning.
  • Understand potential challenges in implementing the use of VR technology in healthcare education and how to overcome them.
  • Discuss the future of VR and how it can contribute to the education of Respiratory Therapists.

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CSRT Systematic and Integrative Review Initiative

Ever had a burning practice question?
Wondering if there are better ways to do things in your daily practice?
Wondering if they way things have ‘always been done’ might be the wrong way?
Looking to learn some new research skills?

Join the CSRT’s new Systematic and Integrative Review Initiative (SIRI). No research experience is needed!

Together with a group of your peers you will complete a practice informing systematic review that answers an important clinical question, and benefit from the support of an experienced mentor. SIRI incorporates a 13-week fully online course in systematic and integrative review with practical experience in completing a review.

SIRI is only available to CSRT registered and associate members.
As part of SIRI you will learn:
  • the skills you need to do a systematic or integrative review
  • a deeper understanding of research designs
  • increased confidence in understanding research
  • additional expertise in the topic area of your group’s review

On completion of SIRI requirements, you will receive:
  • publication of your findings in the CJRT
  • the opportunity to present your findings at the 2020 CSRT Annual Education Conference in Montreal, QC. (If you are selected to present, you will also receive a complimentary conference registration.)
  • a certificate of course completion and CSRT accredited CE credits
  • the chance to inform and improve practice!

What you will need to contribute:
  • a commitment to participate in one hour of online class time over a 13-week period between June and August 2019 (classes are anticipated to occur on Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm EST)
  • a commitment to approx. 3 hours/week of additional work outside of the scheduled class time
  • a commitment to collaborate with your team for completion of your chosen project
  • your clinical experiences, alongside your critical thinking and team work skills
  • a desire to develop their research skills – no prior research experience is necessary

The Application period for the first iteration of SIRI has closed.
Stay tuned to CSRT communications for more information on future SIRI opportunities