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Effective August 31, 2019 the CSRT will modify the activities of CoARTE and its accreditation services away from entry-to-practice education and will focus on the accreditation of post-diploma respiratory education programs. Administering quality continuing education and professional development programs for the practice of respiratory therapy (i.e. AA education programs, webinars, etc.) is directly linked to its mandate of advancing the profession.

The regulatory environment has evolved substantially over the past 10 years and it is anticipated that all provinces will be regulated within the next few years. Given that setting accreditation standards for entry-to-practice RT education programs is a responsibility of the provincial regulatory bodies, the CSRT Board of Directors felt they were in the best position to select the accreditation process to replace CoARTE for entry-to-practice respiratory therapy education programs.

The CSRT is committed to maintaining an advisory role and working with all stakeholders to ensure the effective and efficient transition from CoARTE to the selected accreditation process for entry-to-practice RT education programs.

For more information or to discuss further, please communicate with Dr. Andrew West, CSRT CEO at moc.t1511018999rsc@t1511018999sewa1511018999

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