2024 Election Results

Thank you to all candidates and to everyone who voted!

These members will be ratified at the 2024 CSRT Annual General Meeting, in June.

Directors-at-Large (2 positions)

(in alphabetical order)

Gino De Pinto


Gino De Pinto is the Coordinator/Professor of Conestoga College’s Advanced Diploma-Respiratory Therapy program in Kitchener, Ontario. Before being appointed to the position of Program Coordinator in the Fall of 2022, Gino was a full-time professor, teaching a variety of courses from 2015-2022. In 2023 he was nominated for the Aubrey Hagar Award for distinguished teaching by his students and peers. He first started teaching in the program in 2006 and in 2008, he was responsible for heading the clinical year in his role as Clinical Educator.

Prior to joining Conestoga College, Gino worked as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Critical Care at both Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. After 19 years of experience providing care at the bedside, he recently left his casual position at the hospital to pursue his role as program coordinator at the college.

Additionally, Gino served for 2 years on the Board of Directors (2019-2021) for the Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario, and Chaired the Student Advisory Committee, where he developed terms of reference and helped increase both student and general membership.

Gino earned a Master of Education from Yorkville University, an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Adult Education degree from Brock University, an advanced diploma in Respiratory Therapy from Fanshawe College, a Fellowship of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists and is in good standing with the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario.

Statement of Intent

As an experienced educator in both curricular design and immersive clinical simulation, I truly believe I possess the skill set to provide guidance to the CSRT and to the profession. In my role as Clinical Educator, I gained experience collaborating and building partnerships with local hospitals to ensure students had placements to meet the requirements for entry-to-practice.

In my past role as Resource Respiratory Therapist, I was responsible for creating policies and procedures. I was a member of ICU council, ensuring evidence-informed practice from a respiratory therapy perspective was implemented to improve programs and interventions.

I have had the opportunity to share my expertise in immersive clinical simulation and interprofessional education at two CSRT Education Conferences. During my time with Conestoga College, I was also a major contributor for three program accreditations and two major program reviews. I also collaborated with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to update the vocational learning outcomes.

In my previous provincial director role, I was able to provide my expertise in providing educational resources during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, was responsible for redesigning the website and was able to advocate for students and members during unprecedented times.

With this experience, I feel that I bring a comprehensive set of skills and I have a strong track record that will be valuable in filling the position. I am seeking the general membership’s vote in securing the position of Director at Large.

Sébastien Tessier


I am currently working as the Leadership Resident to the CEO of a large complex health organization. As a member of the senior executive, I attend the board of directors’ meetings, support government relations and manage key projects with a system-wide lens.

Before this, I was the director of innovation in primary care. In this role, I leveraged the organizations strategic plan to bring creative ideas to fruition. Working alongside the board of directors and interprofessional teams, we introduced new technologies such as integrated dictation to reduce administrative burdens and bring automation to manage patient intake which heavily relies on manual tasks.

I graduated with a diploma in Respiratory Therapy from Collège La Cité and a Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy from the University of Manitoba where I am a sessional instructor. I have published in the CJRT and continue my research in the field of aerosol delivery. Over my career, I’ve presented my work at local, national, and international conferences. As a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapy, I share the lifelong commitment of continued learning and contribution to the profession. With an appetite for innovation and leadership, I completed an MBA at Dalhousie University.

I have over a decade of experience working in critical care (adult and pediatric), most recently as an advanced practice respiratory therapist in neonatal and pediatric transport. For the last 6 years, I’ve been supporting education on novel approaches to lung recruitment and using processed EEG in the ICU.

Fluent in both French and English, I bring experience in board governance and regulation where I served as president of a national association for interprofessional collaboration and on the board of my regulatory college. Additionally, I’ve contributed to initiatives that touch on leadership and national forums addressing language barriers in healthcare.

Statement of Intent

Dear Esteemed Members,

With a spirit of innovation and a vision for the future I am writing to express my intent to serve on the board of the CSRT. As a dedicated professional of over 10 years in the profession, I am keenly aware of the evolving landscape of our profession – a landscape ripe with challenges but also brimming with untapped potential.

In an era where healthcare is rapidly transforming, the CSRT needs voices that understand the nuances of the profession and can also anticipate and navigate future trends. My career has been marked by a commitment to innovation and an unwavering dedication to develop the RT profession. I bring experience as a clinician, a health system lens in large complex organizations and experience navigating innovation, business, and government relations.

As a board member, I aspire to champion initiatives that push the boundaries of traditional practice. I envision a future where RTs play an even more integral role in interdisciplinary healthcare, leveraging advanced technologies and research. I want to focus on harnessing digital health advances, promoting research-driven practices, and advocating for policies that reflect the changing landscape of our profession.

I hold a unique perspective that resonates with a diverse demographic, essential for a national organization like the CSRT, driving forward-thinking policies and practices that will shape the future of RTs in Canada.

Joining the CSRT board is more than a position; it is an opportunity to catalyze change and inspire a new chapter in the profession. I am eager to contribute my passion and innovative thinking to our collective journey.

Director (Students)

Jennifer Im


My name is Jennifer Seung-Hee Im, and I am concurrently studying as a first-year Student Respiratory Therapist at The Michener Institute, and as a Biology PhD candidate at York University. Throughout both my doctoral studies, and my undergraduate BSc in biomedical science, I have been a dedicated student, having been the recipient of several academic awards, including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2021, 2022). I have dedicated myself to my research, having authored several publications in Journal of Virology (2021) and Virology (2021, 2023), as well as having been both speaker and judge, at several research conferences and biology symposiums (2021-2022).

I have a great deal of experience not only as a student, but also from the perspective of a teacher, as I’ve had the opportunities to guest lecture at York University, worked as a Teaching Assistant, and mentored honours thesis research students.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I’ve also enjoyed being an active member in student governing bodies, such as being the Secretary (2022), Treasurer (2021), and Chair of Journal Club (2021) in the Association of Graduate Students in Biological Sciences (AGSBS), and the Vice President (2021) of the Graduate Management and Consulting Association.

Throughout the duration of my academic career, my clinical experience as a volunteer at Trillium Health Partners (2017-2020) had enriched my understanding of the critical role respiratory therapists play in healthcare, and in aggregation of my experiences as a whole, ultimately drove me to pursuing the growing field of Respiratory Therapy.

Statement of Intent

I place great importance on the transformative role of research and technology in the future of healthcare. It is not merely about keeping pace with change; it's about actively participating in it. I believe this holds true, not only to experts in the field with years of experience under their belt, but also the next generation of RTs, who should be well-prepared to navigate the evolving landscape.

I believe that providing optimal opportunities to engage with advancements and the latest research in this evolving field, will not only maximize the benefit of students like me who are eager to contribute to the future of respiratory therapy, but will give a running start in crafting the robust adaptability and acuity that is learned over years as in accomplished RTs.

In all voting situations, I will advocate for our collective needs that are at present, and those that best align with our future.

Jennifer Seung-Hee Im

Student Respiratory Therapist, The Michener Institute
PhD Candidate (Virology), York University