Safeguarding Respiratory Health in the Summer (Presented by Trudell Healthcare Solutions)


June 18th, 12:30PM-1:30PM MT

We are pleased to invite you to join Jacqueline Turvey, RRT, CRE, CTE, and Kathy Hayward, Clinical Pharmacist, CRE, as they share practical tips to help your patients with asthma and COPD breathe easier this summer.Together, we will explore the impact of common summer triggers, including wildfire smoke and increased exposure to outdoor allergens, while discovering strategies your patients may use to optimize the management of their respiratory health.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Identify common summer triggers for asthma & COPD while learning effective ways to mitigate their effects on respiratory health
  • Explore the impact of wildfire smoke on air quality and discover what can be done to protect your patients’ lungs
  • Discover practical tips for better breathing in summer, including controlling indoor environment, protection from outdoor triggers, and preparing for seasonal travel
  • Understand the benefits of integrating respiratory devices into your patients’ treatment plans to promote optimal symptom management in the summer


This event has been approved for 1.0 CSRT CPD credit.

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RT Refresher Microcredential - Return to Practice with Confidence! (Fanshawe College)


Enroll in the Fanshawe Microcredential Series: Respiratory Therapy Refresher and regain your skills conveniently through asynchronous virtual courses and/or hands-on lab sessions with realistic simulation training.

The School of Health Sciences at Fanshawe College presents a tailored series of refresher courses designed for graduates of accredited Respiratory Therapy programs in Canada who are seeking to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus or pursue a change in their practice environment.

Refresh Your Skills in Patient Assessment, Pharmacology, Equipment for Adult, Neonatal, and Pediatric Respiratory Care, as well as Lab and Simulation courses.

Customize your learning journey by selecting individual courses or opting for the full series of six, depending on your specific needs. Impress Potential Employers and Reignite Your Career!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revitalize your expertise and secure your future in respiratory therapy. Enroll now for our summer courses!

For more information, use the link below.

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Aerogen Education Portal


Aerogen empowers respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals with cutting edge education and resources! A suite of Aerogen courses have each been approved for 1.0 CSRT CPD credit:

  • Why we use high flow trans nasal aerosol
  • How to deliver aerosolized medications through high flow nasal canula
  • Mastery of art and science of nebulized aerosol delivery: An expert overview
  • Acute Non-Invasive Ventilation in COPD: The how, when and why
  • Optimizing Aerosol Delivery in Critical Pulmonary Care: Options and rationales
  • Aerosol Delivery in an Emergency Department
  • AARC Covid 19: Lessons Learned

For more information or to view these courses:

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Pallium ECHO Lung Health Community of Practice (COP)


Respiratory therapists are invited to connect with interprofessional colleagues from across Canada who have a shared interest in integrating a palliative care approach for individuals with advanced lung disease. This COP is ideal for interprofessional palliative care clinicians with an interest in lung disease and lung/respirology specialists with a passion for palliative care. Members of this

COP will have the opportunity to meet every for one hour 2 months with a panel of experts in the field to engage in case discussions and explore topics such as symptom management and models of care (including home care, hospice, and palliative care units).

Upon completion of this series, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what others have done to integrate palliative care services into their practice
  • Share knowledge and experience with their peers
  • Increase their knowledge and comfort around integrating a palliative care approach for their patients with advanced lung disease


Jody Hamilton, BSW, MSW,

Director Community Programs & Partnerships, LHF

Danielle Hill, RRT CRE, Certified Seniors Fitness Instructor

Dr. Alan Kaplan, Physician, CFPC

Geneviève Lalumière, BScN, RN MN, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Coordinator Regional Palliative Consultation Team

Dr. Joshua Wald, MD, FRCPC (respirologist), Associate Professor

This COP will meet on February 28, May 1, June 28, September 18 and November 27, 2024 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern. Each session has been approved for 1.0 CSRT CPD credit. For more information or to register:

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eXpand by Respiplus (exclusive 25% discount for CSRT members)


COPD Management for Healthcare Professionals:

The "COPD Management for Healthcare Professional" course aims to provide you with the knowledge, techniques and tools needed to help your patients live better with COPD. Through three online learning modules, relevant case studies and patient videos, you will be able to recognize the impact COPD has on life & physical symptoms and learn various self-management techniques as well as the importance of using an action plan. This course is offered at a 25% discount to CSRT members and has been approved for 7.0 CSRT CE/CPD credits.

Proper Use of Inhaled Medication:

Gain a better understanding of the mechanism of action of different medications used to treat asthma and COPD and refine the skills needed to educate patients on these inhaled medication techniques through the "Proper Use of Inhaled Medication (Asthma & COPD)" course. This course is offered at a 25% discount to CSRT members and has been approved for 2.0 CSRT CE/CPD credits.

For more information on either course, visit: (Prior to registering, CSRT members can contact to receive a promo code for their 25% discount.)
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Cours eXpand par Respiplus (rabais de 25 % aux membres de la SCTR)


Gestion de la MPOC pour professionnels de la santé

Apprenez comment aider vos patients à mieux vivre avec la maladie pulmonaire obstructive chronique (MPOC). Ce cours est offert à un rabais de 25 % aux membres de la SCTR et est approuvé pour 7.0 crédits de formation continue. credits.

L’utilisation appropriée des médicaments en inhalation (asthme et MPOC):

Acquérir les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour éduquer efficacement les patients sur l'utilisation des médicaments en inhalation. Ce cours est offert à un rabais de 25 % aux membres de la SCTR et est approuvé pour 2.0 crédits de formation continue.

Pour plus d'informations sur ces cours, visitez: (Avant de s'inscrire, les membres de la SCTR peuvent contacter pour recevoir un code promotionnel pour leur rabais de 25%.)

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Webinar Recording: Choosing Wisely Canada – Bronchiolitis: Why Less is Best


During the cold and flu season, common viruses like Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) can lead to bronchiolitis, a lung infection primarily affecting children under the age of two. While diagnosis typically relies on physical exams, many children receive unnecessary tests and treatments, like bronchodilators or antibiotics, in the management of bronchiolitis. Watch the recording of the January 31 webinar for a discussion on why less is best when it comes to bronchiolitis. Speakersshare practical guidance in managing bronchiolitis, sharing tools and resources from the recently released ChoosingWisely Canada toolkit.

This webinar has been approved for 1.0 CSRT CPD credit.

For more information or to view the recording:

(The CSRT is a proud campaign partner of Choosing Wisely Canada.)

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Canadian Virtual Hospice


The Canadian Virtual Hospice Learning Hub offers free, evidence-informed learning modules to support respiratory therapists’ practice. These self-directed modules have been developed by leaders in palliative care and grief and include practical tools and strategies that respiratory therapists and their interprofessional colleagues can incorporate into their practice. Learners will receive certificates of completion for the professional portfolios.

The following courses have been approved for CSRT CPD credits:

  • Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (5 credits)
  • Healthcare Provider Grief: Recognizing and Responding (4 credits)
  • Grief Training: Building Healthcare Provider Capacity (4 credits)
  • Long-Term Care: Understanding and Responding to Grief (2.5 credits)
  • Building Capacity to Support Grieving Families in the ICU: Online Training for ICU Clinicians (4 credits)

For more information or to access the Canadian Virtual Hospice Learning Hub, click here.

All courses are available in both English and French.

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Portail Palliatif Canadien


Le Portail palliatif canadien offre des modules de formation gratuits et fondés sur des données probantes pour soutenir la pratique des thérapeutes respiratoires. Ces modules autogérés ont été élaborés par des leaders des soins palliatifs et du deuil, et comprennent des outils et des stratégies que les thérapeutes respiratoires et leurs collègues interprofessionnels peuvent intégrer à leur pratique. Des certificats d’achèvement seront émis aux apprenants pour leurs portfolios professionnels.

Les cours suivants ont été approuvés pour les crédits de formation de la SCTR :

  • Formation sur la sécurité culturelle autochtone (5 crédits)
  • Le deuil des soignants : Le reconnaître et y réagir (4 crédits)
  • Formation sur le deuil : Renforcer les capacités des soignants (4 crédits)
  • Soins de longue durée : Comprendre et accompagner le deuil (2,5 crédits)
  • Formation en ligne pour les cliniciens en USI : Pour mieux soutenir les familles en deuil à l’USI (4 crédits)

Pour plus d’informations ou pour accéder au Centre d’apprentissage du Portail canadien en soins palliatifs, cliquez ici.

Tous les cours sont disponibles en français et en anglais.

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Dräger Online Academy and Virtual Reality Apps


Continuing education has never been easier! Discover Drager Canada’s Online Academy, an education portal for respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals. With clinical education and product information, the suite of CSRT-accredited content will allow you to customize a learning path to meet your educational needs, track and maintain your education, and receive certificates of completion.

Join our online academy today!

Dräger Online Academy - Our E-learning Portal


Dräger Virtuo Virtual Reality Training Program

Dräger Virtuo is a virtual reality training platform for healthcare professionals designed to fulfill educational objectives across clinical professions through immersive hands-on training. Learners can practice independently or collaboratively from anywhere in the world. With a goal to improve patient outcomes through education across the learning continuum, from students at the beginning of their careers, to practicing professionals looking to maintain their clinical skills, Dräger Virtuo allows learners to experience:

  • Realistic virtual environments that accurately simulate real-world medical settings, allowing users to practice their skills in a realistic context.
  • Remote training that can be done from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for remote training and collaboration between healthcare professionals.
  • Participate in realistic and immersive training simulations that closely mimic real-world experiences, allowing them to practice their skills and gain practical experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Two Dräger Virtuo apps are currently available and have been approved for CSRT CPD credits:

  • Perseus A500 app: a twelve-chapter in-depth training experience for anesthesia practitioners (approved for 2.0 CSRT CPD credits)
  • Babyleo NICU app: an eight-chapter in-depth training experience for neonatal intensive care practitioners (approved for 1.0 CSRT CPD credit)
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Preceptor Education Program


The Preceptor Education Program is an award winning online interprofessional program designed to prepare students and preceptors for practice in health and social care settings. Developed by Western University and Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada, the PEP has been utilized by preceptors worldwide with over 38,000 users since 2007. It features eight self-directed, interactive learning modules with downloadable resources, learning exercises, video case scenarios and references that can be completed either individually or with preceptor and student together.

This program has been approved for 8.5 CSRT CPD credits.

For more information or to begin the course:

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McMaster University Continuing Education Courses


McMaster Continuing Education has been delivering excellence in lifelong learning. It is one of Canada’s largest and leading providers of certificate and diploma programs, professional development education, custom and corporate training. The CSRT has accredited a suite of courses and microcredentials pertinent to RT practice. From Applied Clinical Research to Health Analytics to Essential Leadership courses (and more!), there is a large selection to choose from. Click on the attached PDF to see the list of courses or to learn more.

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Clearing the Airways: A collaborative approach to excess mucus management with OPEP therapy – Trudell


The Clearing the Airways webinar, facilitated by Kathy Hayward, Clinical Pharmacist and Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE), features a multidisciplinary panel of respiratory experts, including Dr. Sacha Bhinder, Respirologist; Jacqueline Turvey, Registered Respiratory Therapist & CRE; and Duaa Elfar, Clinical Pharmacist & CRE. By joining this session, you will:

  • Engage in a stimulating discussion on the use of OPEP therapy as an effective tool in the management of patient with mucus hypersecretion; and
  • Explore how superior patient outcomes can be attained through a collaborative approach.

To view this webinar:

This webinar has been approved for 1.5 CSRT CPD credits.

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Methapharm Bronchial Provocation Challenge Testing Educational Resources


Methapharm, a CSRT corporate member, offers respiratory therapists complimentary education that has been accredited by the CSRT. A range of courses includes:

Introduction to the Methacholine Challenge Test – Self Study Module part 1, Bronchial Challenge Test with Provocholine – Self Study Module Part 2 and Bronchial Challenge with Mannitol – Self Study Module.

To access the materials and on-line assessments, please visit

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RESPTREC® Respiratory Training and Educator Course


RESPTREC® provides health care professionals with the highest standard of online training in asthma, COPD, education for chronic disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, inhaled delivery devices, and severe asthma.  RESPTREC also offers courses in spirometry and spirometry interpretation. These courses are designed to help learners develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to empower people and their caregivers to optimally manage their chronic disease.

As a study tool for the CRE (certified respiratory educator) and CAE (certified asthma educator) exams, RESPTREC offers CRE and CAE exam preparation courses.