Annual CSRT Conference Poster Competition

New this year! Posters will be presented in digital format (E-Posters)

The CSRT welcomes submission of E-Posters in two different categories:
(1) student respiratory therapists and
(2) practicing respiratory therapists (RT).

E-Posters may present the results of a range of research approaches including original research, literature reviews, systematic reviews, or case presentations. Throughout the CSRT Annual Conference, E-Posters will be displayed on interactive monitors for viewing by attendees.

Why should you enter? The presentation of your work at an educational conference (and publication in a peer-reviewed journal) is prestigious, and an acknowledgement of your professional status. It will contribute to your personal and professional development, and the work will provide you with credibility in the field. Being a presenter and a published writer is a marketable skill and it looks great on your résumé, helping to advance your career.

Contest Rules

Submission Criteria
Submissions from students must have been completed during the educational period and must be entered while enrolled in an RT education program and prior to entry to practice. Submissions from respiratory therapy students must include at least 80 per cent of their direct input/work. Assistance from faculty or other RRTs must be acknowledged and these individuals may be listed as co-authors.

Submissions from respiratory therapists must include at least 80 per cent of their direct input/work. Assistance from any commercial firm must be acknowledged.

Names on the abstract must match the names of the authors and co-authors as they are displayed on the poster.

Authors are responsible for covering expenses related to the preparation and presentation of posters as well as cost associated with travel, accommodations and registration. No expenses will be covered by the CSRT.

Eligibility Exclusions
The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the poster presentations: members of the CSRT Board of Directors, association employees, and CSRT members who are employed by manufacturers of medical equipment, accessories or supplies in the field of respiratory technology.

Submission Process
Please complete/submit the entry form by SEPTEMBER 30, 2020. Submit by using the form below.
Withdrawal from Competition
Applicants who for any reason must withdraw from the Poster Presentation should advise at least seven (7) days prior to the deadline for submissions.

Judging and Grading
Entries are examined by a panel of three volunteer judges. To ensure impartiality, the identity of judges is kept confidential.

Individual critique forms will be completed to assess the following areas:

  • Educational Value (40%)
  • Technical Accuracy (25%)
  • Logical Presentation (15%)
  • Originality of Presentation/Visual Impact (20%)

Poster Creation and Display
Please refer to the Poster Guidelines document above.

Authors assume full responsibility for the content of their abstracts and e-posters.

Presentation of Poster Competition Prizes
The Poster Competition winners will be announced at the Presidents’ Banquet. If more than one person is involved with the development of a winning exhibit, a letter of congratulations will be sent to all co-authors.

Submission of a poster presentation signifies acceptance of the regulations and of the intent of the regulations. Failure to comply with regulations could result in disqualification.

Poster Presentation Entry Form

Please fill form out in full. If you have any questions please email
  • Please provide the name/title of an alternative contact (i.e., supervisor, instructor, colleague) and phone number in the event that we have difficulty reaching you:
  • Poster Submission
    Poster Guidelines
    • Posters should be submitted in either PDF or JPEG file format
    • File sizes should be no larger than 10 MB
    • A horizontal orientation is typically preferable
    • Resolution should be sufficient for a standard screen
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
  • DECLARATION: I have read fully and understand the poster presentation regulations and certify that a minimum of 80 per cent of the poster is the work of the named presenter.