Professional Certifications


Certified Clinical Anesthesia Assistant (CCAA)

The CCAA replaces the AA-CSRT which was launched in May 2014 to recognize CSRT registered and associate members working in anesthesia, who have completed additional education and clinical training in the field of anesthesia to become an anesthesia assistant, who demonstrate involvement in professional development activities and are committed to maintaining proficiency and professionalism as an anesthesia assistant.

CCAA Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the CCAA certificate, an individual must be approved by the CSRT Board of Directors and must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be a registered member or an associate member in good standing with the CSRT
    • Respiratory therapists who have met the criteria to work in Canada must be registered members.
    • RNs, Clinical Assistants, and International Medical Graduates must be associate members.
  • Have the appropriate license to practice from the individual’s Canadian provincial licensing / regulatory body
  • Have graduated from a CSRT-accredited AA program
  • Must pass the national AA exam
  • Demonstrate involvement in relevant continuing education activities during the previous 12 months for a minimum of 25 credits as outlined in the CSRT credit tracking system
  • Commit to remaining a member of the CSRT, maintaining proficiency and professionalism as an anesthesia assistant, and to achieving 25 continuing education credits each membership year (April 1-March 31).

Applying for the CCAA examination and certification

The deadline to apply for the Certified Clinical Anesthesia Assistant certification under the grandfathering clause has passed.
Please e-mail for more information

  • An application for the Canadian entry-to-practice respiratory therapy examination must be submitted to the Canadian Board of Respiratory Care (CBRC). Applications must be received within all published timelines. Please refer to the CBRC Information Manual for details, fees and deadlines (available from at
  • Individuals who pass the national AA exam will be contact by the CSRT to complete an application for the CCAA certification.
  • An individual that does not meet the above criteria may make a special request in writing to the CSRT Board of Directors for special permission to attempt the CBRC entry-to-practice respiratory therapy examination. E-mail for more information.

Maintaining the CCAA

To maintain the CCAA certification, an individual must:
  • Continue to be a member is good standing with the CSRT,
  • Maintain their license to practice as noted under “CCAA Eligibility Requirements”, and
  • Complete 25 relevant professional development credits each year
    • For the purposes of maintain the CCAA, the year will mirror the CSRT membership year and run from April 1 to March 31.

Annual CCAA Audit

Ten percent of CCAA certificate holders will be randomly selected each spring for an audit to ensure they continue to meet all eligibility criteria. Certificate holders who do not demonstrate that they meet all CCAA requirements will have their CCAA certificate revoked.