Coronavirus Resources

The following is a list of resources to inform respiratory therapists and guide their practice during the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV, nCov) outbreak. It contains information relating to clinical management, infection prevention and control, anesthesia and pulmonary function considerations, COVID-19 in pregnancy/when breast feeding, mental health supports for health care workers and other important resources for clinicians.

The information provided through the following sources is not intended to replace local policies and procedures, clinical guidelines or the clinical judgement of the health care provider.

The CSRT Provides Leadership Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Informed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Cabinet ministers of important priorities of respiratory therapists during the pandemic (click here).
  2. Implemented an ongoing promotional campaign to inform the public of the important role of respiratory therapists throughout the pandemic.
  3. Collaborating directly with federal and provincial governments and public health agencies – advising, informing decision making, and exploring innovative solutions for the crisis.
  4. Engaging with all major media outlets to share important information about RTs and the health system the public (see news items below)
  5. Collaborating with 40 other health professional associations to inform government of our shared priorities (click here)
  6. Providing leadership on the HEAL COVID-19 Task Force (click here)
  7. Ensured respiratory therapists’ perspectives were heard on an emergency national survey relating to health care professionals’ needs (click here)
  8. Convened the CSRT Advisory Group on COVID-19 Ventilator Procurement to evaluate urgently procured/manufactured pandemic ventilators.
  9. Released a list of recommendations, together with our Choosing Wisely Canada partners, on ways the public and clinicians can help steward the valuable health care system resources being challenged by COVID-19 (click here)
  10. Facilitating the return of retired RTs back to practice with seamless access to membership and other needed supports.
Media enquiries:, 1-800-267-3422.
Updated March 27th, 2020.

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