Rapid Response Continuing Education for

The CSRT proudly supports all respiratory therapists as they confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

As our health systems are stretched to capacity, and in some cases beyond capacity, many respiratory therapists have been called upon to provide care outside of their regular practice settings. In some cases respiratory therapists are returning from retirement to provide care to those most in need. In these cases, respiratory therapists may be seeking materials to help refresh their practice knowledge.

This rapid response toolkit includes open access to a wide range of introductory level education on wider range of respiratory therapy topics.

Some materials have been developed by the CSRT while others draw on educational resources made available by CSRT partners and other external organizations. Recognizing the importance of product specific knowledge, some resources link directly to resources developed and/or supported by manufacturers.

Please click on the icons below to access the topic-specific repository of educational resources.
Updated October 21, 2020:

Are you a retired RT going back into practice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

We can assist with discounted temporary membership and immediate access to liability insurance. Call us: 1-800-267-3422 ext. 231